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Pine Wood + Glass Marbles Solitaire Game

Pine Wood + Glass Marbles Solitaire Game

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This eco-friendly wood and glass marble solitaire puzzle that has been carved to perfection by a highly skilled artisan from North India. It features an understated carved design made with very basic hand-held tools. The artisans use a sharp stylus to carve designs on the surface. Once the carving is done, the product is buffed on an emery wheel to smoothen its surfaces and edges. Hand carving requires great precision and skilled hands, hence every piece is marked with stories of dedication

Colour: Multicolour

Production Method: Handmade

Material Description: Pine Wood + Glass Marbles

Size(L x B x H): 9 x 9 x 1 Inches

Weight: 480 grams

Disclaimer: This piece has been made from solid wood and touts a rustic aesthetic. Textural nuances like knot holes, scratches and blemishes lend a unique style to this piece, making it exclusive and special

Pack Contents: 1 Solitaire Game

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