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Warp Printed Bamboo Fabric Stole

Warp Printed Bamboo Fabric Stole

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Handwoven to sublimity on a wooden loom, this bamboo stole flaunts absolute comfort and quality. Exclusively made from natural bamboo, this piece features a fabric of sustainability. Complementing the fabric with solid and subtle colours with minimal trim border designs, artisans bring their artistic expression of Utopia to the piece. The simplicity of the design helps the blissful beauty of bamboo to shine through

Colour: Pink

Production Method: Handwoven

Material Description: Bamboo

Size (L x B x H): 78 x 19.5 x 0 Inches

Weight: 100 grams

Care Description: Dry clean

Disclaimer: This product has been handwoven by artisans, hence minor variations in colour, pattern and texture are a part of the charm. These attributes lend authenticity, character and exclusivity, making it one-of-a-kind

Pack Contents: 1 Stole

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