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Earthy Turned Wooden Black Bowl + Spoons

Earthy Turned Wooden Black Bowl + Spoons

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Our earthy range of bowls and kitchenware is about taking you back to an uncomplicated living, closer to nature. Flaunting the exciting raw textures of mango wood, this product is a great addition to classy dining spaces made of subtle tones and minimalist design. Wooden kitchenware has always been known for its toughness and durability, making it a suitable option for families with children. Wooden bowls are also anti-bacterial, non-reactive, and safe. Balancing class aesthetic with functional advantages, this is a kitchen accessory won’t disappoint. 

Colour: Black + Wood

Production Method: Wood Turning

Feature 1:  Mango wood is one of the most sustainable forms of wood because of the range of material that can be extracted from a single bark. It is also known to be durable and highly water-resistant

Material Description: Mango wood

Size (L x B x H):

Bowl: 8 x 8 x 4 Inches

Spoon: 10 x 2.50 Inches

Weight: 496 grams

Care Description: Immerse the bowl in warm, soapy water. Srub with a nylon sponge

Disclaimer: This set has been made from solid mango wood that has a beautiful straight, curly or interlocked grain pattern. This inherent characteristic makes every product unique and authentic

Pack Contents: 1 Bowl With Spoons

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