REMEDY - Women Entrepreneur Program

Ethos + Co. has partnered with Kiva, one of the first socially responsible lending organisations, in the endeavour to help women start new ethical / eco-friendly and sustainable businesses, and continually grow them. 

This program is called REMEDY, and is our way of giving back to the heart and soul of disadvantaged communities. We have chosen women as our main beneficiaries, to help enabling women to have financial freedom, to raise their children and growth their communities, as a whole. 

Ethos + Co. is dedicated to pledging 5% of all profits to our REMEDY program in order to help women entrepreneurs in Asia, Africa, Central America, Middle East, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America and more. Reaching in excess of 80 countries, thanks to Kiva. 

Kiva has helped over 4.6 Million business minded individuals with over USD $1.8 Billion of loans, so far. These loans help with area like; gaining clean energy, farming, education and rebuilding lives in conflict effected zones. You can read more about their positive impact here. -

100% of Kiva loans making it to the borrower, and with every loan being repaid at approx. 96.4%, Ethos + Co. is able to recycle and reallocate the funding to help more and more (and more) women entrepreneurs in need of help. 

You can read more about how Kiva makes the magic happen here -

Every purchase from Ethos + Co. is making a difference. 

  • Alice from Kenya

    A loan of $1,200 helps to purchase farm inputs and boost this single mother's crop productivity and meet the needs of her children.

  • Rusaila from Palestine

    A loan of $2,500 helps to drill a water mill to provide water for agricultural land.

  • Kilisitina from Tonga

    A loan of $4,300 helps to buy mulberry and pandanus for her tapa-making and weaving business.

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